6 ways you can volunteer in the Aged Care sector

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May 14, 2024
Volunteer sitting with an older person reading a book

6 ways you can volunteer in the Aged Care sector

If you’ve been looking for a way to lend a helping hand in your community, you may find volunteering in Aged Care extremely rewarding!

Volunteers are an integral part of the Aged Care and Support sectors, playing vital roles in the lives of our senior citizens in both their private homes and in care residences.

There are always calls for volunteers in Aged Care, as the industry is experiencing ongoing staff shortages

Available opportunities vary from place to place, but the commonly advertised volunteer positions can include:


Support and Companionship: These roles involve volunteers spending time with seniors and keeping them company. 


Music & Entertainment: This could involve taking part in music classes, performing at an Aged Care residence, hosting a trivia night, or participating in other activities with residents (such as crafts).


Teaching: There are several volunteer opportunities calling for volunteers to run short tutorial sessions. These sessions are designed to help those in Aged Care operate newer technology, for example.


Language: If you speak a language other than English, you may be suited to a role supporting bi-lingual residents.


Transport Assistance: Volunteering in these positions may involve assisting patrons to enter and exit busses, carry luggage, and join in socially during transportation.


Retail & Consumer: This includes positions like helping out in an Aged Care facility’s gift shop or café, for example.

How to apply to be an Aged Care volunteer:

Here's how you can put your name forward to help keep our seniors comfortable, entertained and social:

Job boards: Go to a local job board and search for “volunteer for seniors and Aged Care.” This will bring up individual opportunities which you can then enquire about/apply for through the job board.

In-person: Head to your local aged care facility and enquire about their volunteering process. Even if they aren’t accepting volunteers currently, you may be able to put your name down for future opportunities.

Doing your part: You can also check in on your elderly family members, friends, and neighbours to ensure they’re doing well.

Safety assurance in Aged Care

HomeGuardian is an asset to any Aged Care or independent living environment. It is especially vital for people prone to slips, trips and falls.  

The system is designed to work in people's homes without the need to put on any wearables or alarms. It's 100% private, fully automatic and works in the dark. 

The nominated emergency contacts are then notified within 2s of the incident detection so that those who fall can get the timely post-fall care that they deserve. 

Learn more about how HomeGuardian works by clicking this link. (You will be redirected to a YouTube video.)

To apply for HomeGuardian, leave your details here, or give us a call on 1300 248 324.

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