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“If it hadn’t been for HomeGuardian I would have been stuck on the floor until my carers came. I always recommend HomeGuardian.”
- Amber, VIC

HomeGuardian is an NDIS Registered Provider dedicated to helping participants
maintain their independence

Do you struggle with stability or falls? Are you worried you’ll fall over at home? Introducing HomeGuardian - a patented, in-home solution to worry-free independent living.

Independent living is a fantastic feeling. But did you know that 66% of falls happen in a private residence? In fact, of those who fall at home, over 30% are left on the floor for over an hour until help arrives.

While pendants can seem like a good solution, they’re easy to forget about. For example, if you have a fall on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without your pendant, how would you call for help?

Don’t worry, there’s an easier solution for NDIS participants that doesn’t need to be worn, recharged, or manually activated. Plus it won’t compromise your independence. HomeGuardian automatically gets in touch with your emergency contacts if you experience a fall or incident. And the best part? It’s 100% private and secure.

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HomeGuardian is a non-invasive, 24/7 in-home fall detection solution for NDIS participants looking to be fall safe while maintaining their independence. The HomeGuardian device non-intrusively monitors an environment for falls and will automatically escalate an alert to up to 3 emergency contacts within 2 seconds of fall detection.

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Exercise your Choice and Control with HomeGuardian

HomeGuardian is suitable for seniors, people with disabilities, individuals or couples who live in their own home and are concerned about falling.

HomeGuardian is a registered NDIS provider for Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety (0103) and Communications and Information Equipment (0144).

Under the NDIS, HomeGuardian falls under the Low-risk Assistive Technology category, and it meets the Low-cost threshold.

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If it wasn’t for HomeGuardian, I would have been stuck on the ground until my carers came. I recommend it to everyone.



Very professional and affable service. Excellent company to do business with.


Western Australia

I have one and its the best thing I ever had. I fell over and it immediately rang my daughter for help. Absolutely fantastic.



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