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The help they deserve, from someone they know

During an emergency, every moment counts. If your loved one has a fall, the last thing they’ll want to do is crawl to a pendant or worry about how to safely get back up.

That’s where HomeGuardian comes in.HomeGuardian automatically escalates an alert to 3 emergency contacts (these could be family members, neighbours, or carers) within 2 seconds of fall detection.

No call centres, no buttons - just the Care they deserve.

Learn more about no-pendant fall detection

HomeGuardian’s sophisticated technology uses non-invasive sensors to repeatedly scan an environment for falls. Once a fall has been detected, the device will automatically alert your emergency contacts for assistance. The device’s fall detection features will continue to alert your emergency contacts until you receive help.

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Fall detection for your protection

HomeGuardian is helping the elderly and people with disabilities live independently, confidently and safely through award-winning fall detection assistive technology.

Not just for falls! Here’s what our device can do:

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Automatic fall detection

No need to press a button or wear a device to ensure fall detection

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People count/Absence & Wandering detection.

Intuitively monitor people count in an environment for extra security and will alert absence and wandering.

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No video streaming

Privacy and security is our top priority. No video, image or data will ever leave the device

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Trend reporting

Show the doctor exactly when falls have occurred for accurate post-fall care

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100% Australian owned

Queensland-based NDIS provider supporting Australians

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Audible reminders

Set custom reminders through the HomeGuardian device

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How to get your own HomeGuardian

HomeGuardian is available to seniors, people with disabilities, individuals or couples who live independently and would benefit from fall detection assurance. Organising your very own HomeGuardian is easy - simply chat to our friendly Care Team who will guide you through purchase options, pricing, and provide an obligation free quote.

Customer testimonials

Hear from our satisfied customers

If it wasn’t for HomeGuardian, I would have been stuck on the ground until my carers came. I recommend it to everyone.



I have one and its the best thing I ever had. I fell over and it immediately rang my daughter for help. Absolutely fantastic.



Very professional and affable service. Excellent company to do business with.


Western Australia

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