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Discover How HomeGuardian Detects Falls and Promotes Independence

HomeGuardian's world-first, patented assistive technology utilizes non-invasive Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect falls in the home, ensuring prompt assistance and maintaining independence.

Why choose HomeGuardian over other devices?

With so many fall detection products out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. Global fall statistics show that more people die annually from a fall than from a drug overdose, so naturally, there are many available options designed to help close this gap. 

Here’s how HomeGuardian compares to other brands:
Wearable alarms

Wearable Alarms

Button-Press Fall Detection
Send alerts to contacts
HomeGuardian device with SOS buttons

Home Guardian

coloured tick box
No batteries or charging required
coloured tick box
Does not need to be worn
coloured tick box
Automatic fall detection
coloured tick box
Sent alert to contacts
coloured tick box
24/7 monitoring

Smart Watches

Button-Press Fall Detection
Send alerts to contacts

Fall Detection
in every corner

HomeGuardian uses multiple sensors to securely monitor the environment for falls. It understands the difference between people and objects in an area. Within 2 seconds of fall detection, HomeGuardian will automatically alert the nominated emergency contacts for assistance. The contacts will get alerts every 15 minutes until the individual who has fallen gets the help and Care they deserve.

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SOS alert button

The SOS Alert Button works within 30 metres of the closest HomeGuardian device. The portable buttons are as big as a $1 coin, and can be used in the home, or out in the yard. The button can be pressed at any time, and will immediately activate HomeGuardian’s alert process.

HomeGuardian SOS alert button
HomeGuardian App

Control your HomeGuardian experience, access your fall data, change the device’s sensitivity, and set emergency contacts in the User Portal. The App also has a manual SOS function that will immediately escalate an alert to the emergency contacts - anywhere, anytime.

HomeGuardian phone app

Do you have a HomeGuardian?

We’re always happy to help with your HomeGuardian device. From onboarding to technical support, device questions, and everything in between, our Care Team is ready to help. Call us on 1300 248 324 for assistance.

Or, if you’re looking for a bit more information on your HomeGuardian device, you might find the below links helpful.

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Customer testimonials

If it wasn’t for HomeGuardian, I would have been stuck on the ground until my carers came. I recommend it to everyone.



I have one and its the best thing I ever had. I fell over and it immediately rang my daughter for help. Absolutely fantastic.



Very professional and affable service. Excellent company to do business with.


Western Australia

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