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When HomeGuardian.AI was founded in 2019,  a commitment was made to deliver a patented product that makes living independently achievable and comfortable. We understand how important it is to be able to continue living the lifestyle you love and enjoy and our product HomeGuardian will enable you to do so for much longer.

Thank you for choosing us and for welcoming HomeGuardian into your home.

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How to install your

Your HomeGuardian device is easy to install, however, our team can talk you through the set-up process, step-by-step!

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HomeGuardian device
How to position your HomeGuardian
Step 1

Place your device

1 - Remove your HomeGuardian from the box, plug the USB cable into the back of the device, and screw the mounting tripod into the device’s base.

2 - Place your HomeGuardian in a high-traffic area in your home (approx. 2m off the ground) where the device would see a large area.

a - Tilt the mounting tripod slightly downwards so the HomeGuardian’s circular sensor can “see” a large, unblocked portion of the area's floor.

HomeGuardian SOS alert button
Step 2

Set up your app

1 - Visit on your computer, or on your mobile phone.2 - Enter your login details. Once you log in, you’ll be prompted to check your registration information in the “Who is the HomeGuardian for” section.3 - You can then scroll down and register your emergency contacts.

a - Enter their name, mobile phone number, and relationship to you in the marked boxes, and tick “Update”. Make sure the box marked “Active” is set to “Yes”.

b - Under the “Notification Settings” box, select how you’d like HomeGuardian to notify your contacts during an incident (eg. SMS or Phonecall).

HomeGuardian phone app
Connecting your HomeGuardian device to the wifi
Step 3

Enable Wi-Fi

1 - Tap the Menu icon on the top left corner of the screen and choose the “Settings” menu option.

2 - Press the blue link at the bottom of the page that says ‘Connect HomeGuardian Devices to your Wi-Fi Network via QR Code.’

3 - Scroll down, and make sure the Wi-Fi drop-down says “Enable Wi-Fi”.

4 - Enter the name (also called SSID) and password of your home Wi-Fi into the prompt boxes and click “Update”.

5 - A QR Code will pop up on your screen.

Step 4

Connect your device

1 - Plug in the HomeGuardian device and ensure the powerpoint is switched on. The device will then begin a startup process. You may hear a ‘click’ noise as it starts up.

2 - As the HomeGuardian starts up, the small light underneath the device’s circular sensor will begin flashing white. It may take a few moments for the light to begin flashing.

3 - While the light is flashing, hold your QR code up to the device’s circular sensor. When the device has scanned the QR code, the light on the device will change to Green.

4 - HomeGuardian will restart automatically and the status light will change to Purple, which indicates that the device is operational and has begun monitoring.

HomeGuardian smart scan

How to label

your device

Labelling your device is helpful for letting your emergency contacts know where you are if something happens.

Log into the HomeGuardian User Portal or app, and click “Devices @ Home”. Select the device you’d like to label, and create a label in the “Device Name” section. Click “Update” to finalise your changes.

We recommend labelling your device after the room in which you’ve placed it (eg. 'Kitchen' or 'Bedroom').

How to put your

device to sleep

Great during exercise, or if kids are playing on the floor.

Log into the HomeGuardian app on your phone or computer, click the ‘Devices @ Home’ button and select the HomeGuardian device you wish to put to sleep. Scroll down to the ‘Advanced Information’ section and change the ‘Status’ dropdown from ‘Normal’ to ‘Asleep’. The light on your device will turn blue when successful.

To ‘wake it up’, repeat the process and change the ‘Status’ dropdown back to ‘Normal’. The light should turn back to purple when successful.

*The HomeGuardian will NOT recognise any falls or incidents while asleep.

How to manually

raise an alert:

Log into your HomeGuardian app on your mobile phone and press the red button that says ‘I need help, notify emergency contacts’. You can also do this on your computer by visiting and clicking the red button.

This will create an alert, no matter how far you are from your device.

How to change your

emergency contacts

Log into the HomeGuardian User Portal or app, and click ‘Emergency Contacts’ in the left bar. Scroll down to the emergency contact you want to change, enter the new details and click ‘Update’.

How to reset

your device

Unplug the device from power for ten (10) seconds, and reconnect it. Upon startup, the device should automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi and begin running as usual.

It’s important to reset the HomeGuardian each time you move it (even if you’re just slightly repositioning it). This will ensure the device can correctly monitor its new surroundings.

How to log into the

HomeGuardian app

You can easily log into the HomeGuardian app on your mobile phone, or your computer. Full instructions on how to install the app can be found on Page 5.

*Remember to log in using the login details provided to you during onboarding. You do not need to press ‘I am new to HomeGuardian’.

How to set a

custom reminder

With HomeGuardian, you can create custom reminders to take medication, check the mail, make sure the stove is off, or anything else you need.

To set a reminder, log into the HomeGuardian app or User Portal and click the Reminders button in the Menu. Press the ‘Add a Reminder’ button, select how often you’d like the reminder to repeat, and which device you’re setting the reminder for.

You then have the option to set the reminder “sound” or “speech”. Sounds will just act as an alarm, playing at the same time each day. With the speech function, you can type a sentence (like “time to feed the cat” for example), and the HomeGuardian will “say” it at the selected time.

You can add as many reminders as you need. To remove a reminder, click the red ‘delete’ button.

What to do

during an alert

If you wish to resolve the alert and stop the device from alerting your emergency contacts, follow these steps:

An automated voice will let you know your device is in alert. Press 1 to cancel the alert.

After receiving a text message from HomeGuardian, respond with Y or R as instructed.

Go to your device User Portal ( Click the green ‘I’m okay’ button, or the blue ‘Report false alert’ button.

Push Notification:
Follow the notification’s prompt to access your device app. On your dashboard, click the green ‘I’m okay’ button, or the blue ‘Report false alert’ button.

System light


Flashing white The device is ready to scan a QR code, or connect to Wi-Fi.

White The device is running a normal system check.

Purple The device is switched on and monitoring as normal.

Blue The device is in ‘sleep’ mode. Monitoring is paused.

Red The device has detected an incident and is sending an alert.

Flashing Yellow There is a system error and monitoring is paused.

HomeGuardian device


Care The device should never be wiped with a wet cloth or sprayed with chemical cleaners. It is best to dust the unit with a dry microfibre duster or cloth. We advise against keeping the device in an area where it may be exposed to water.  The device must be kept in a dry location with temperatures not less than -10° (14°) and not exceeding 50° (122°).


HomeGuardian warrants the included hardware product and accessories against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of the original retail purchase. HomeGuardian does not warrant against normal wear and tear, nor damage caused by accident, water exposure, or abuse. For more information, see


HomeGuardian’s dedicated Customer Care team is standing by and ready to assist you with your new HomeGuardian. We’re ready to answer questions, troubleshoot, talk you through installation, and provide any assistance we can. For assistance with your device, you can call us on 1300 248 324, or email us at