How HomeGuardian is revolutionising the care industry

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May 14, 2024
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How HomeGuardian is revolutionising the Care industry

Recent reports show that falls are costing Australian governments more than $3 billion in hospital admissions each year, while staff shortages in the Aged Care and Disability industries continue to also put pressure on the care field.HomeGuardian’s futuristic fall detection assistive technology is promising to ease these industry constraints through artificial intelligence-driven automatic escalation.In simple terms, HomeGuardian’s award-winning technology is able to monitor an area (room, facility space or ward) and recognise the difference between normal and abnormal behaviours.For example, the device’s artificial intelligence is able to determine that it’s normal for someone to pick up a remote or sit on a couch. But it also knows that laying on the floor, crying, and screaming are not normal.If the device recognises this abnormal behaviour (like a fall for example), it will enter an alert phase, where it will then escalate a notification to carers, facility managers and the like within 2 seconds of incident detection.

Here’s how HomeGuardian can help you in the care industry

HomeGuardian provides peace of mind, your clients will have proactive care 24/7. Reduces reliance on family and carers, whilst reducing the pressure to move ageing loved ones into full-time care. You can support your clients with a world-first, sophisticated but simple monitoring device to allow them to live safely, with privacy and dignity in their homes for longer. HomeGuardian allows care providers to manage more clients at once. It helps you concentrate on clients who need in-home visits most. Supports increased compliance to care plans. Care plans evolve as the client’s care requirements change, making the client’s quality of living better. In an industry environment, you will also be given access to our exclusive Facility portal.

Photo of HomeGuardian device with list of features including Improved level of care, and Open API.

The Facility Portal gives nurses and carers in residential Disability or Aged Care facilities the ability to remotely monitor residents’ wellbeing.This non-invasive approach to care frees up time for nurses and other in-house care providers to spend more time where needed, whilst being able to appropriately respond to incidents in a timely manner.With the Facility Portal, quality of care is enhanced with residents experiencing a heightened level of autonomy and privacy, whilst still being attended to promptly in the event of an acute incident like a fall.The Facility Portal also enables carers to remotely create an incident alert. More in-depth alerts are also able to be set in the Facility Portal, to alert staff if a patient is not exiting their bed, has left their room, or is crying or screaming.The portal also gives care professionals 24/7 access to behavioural reports detailing falls and other incident alert frequencies to enable a more tailored approach to care.

How to get started with HomeGuardian

For more information on how HomeGuardian can better help you in the care industry, feel free to call our knowledgeable team on 1300 248 324.Or, you can book a free demonstration byclicking this link.

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