The 3 best strength-building exercises for seniors

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May 14, 2024

The 3 best strength-building exercises for seniors

Maintaining your strength is a huge part of reducing your fall risk. (Plus it's a great way to stay social, too!)

If you're looking for ways to get active in a safe and secure environment, and maybe make a few friends along the way, check out these activities:

Walking clubs
Many shopping centres hold their own walking clubs where you can walk (or jog!) around the centre before it opens to the public. Rain or shine, you'll be able to exercise in a safe and secure environment.

Gym classes
A lot of gyms hold senior fitness classes that focus on maintaining flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and general fitness.

Men's Sheds
Every Men's Shed offers different activities. These can include restoring bikes or cars, building furniture, or just having a chat with other blokes. But the focus of Men's Sheds is to be active in the community, get support, and keep moving.

Local groups
From social clubs to travel clubs, exercise groups and volunteering - there are groups all over Australia that can support you to prioritise your fitness.

Simple exercises for over 65’s

Building and maintaining strength doesn’t always have to include high-impact workouts. In fact, there are a few simple exercises that anyone can do at home.

  • Walking
    Either as fast or slow as you’d like - this simple exercise can help to maintain fitness and strength.
  • Chair yoga
    This kind of yoga is low impact, and the best part is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home.
    Some fantastic chair yoga techniques include:
  • Overhead stretch
  • Seated cow stretch
  • Seated cat stretch
  • Seated mountain post
  • Seated twist
  • Resistance bands
    Using a resistance band is a great way to build muscular strength in the arms, shoulders, calves, and thighs. Your doctor, occupational therapist or physiotherapist will be able to provide you with a nice stretchy band so you can get started.

When it comes to exercising, the most important thing is to listen to your body, take it slow at first, and keep yourself well-hydrated. Overall, remember that you’re building and maintaining your strength for a greater cause - to help reduce your fall risk.

But, if falls are still a concern for you, you might also want to consider a fall detection solution for peace of mind.

A new solution for fall care

HomeGuardian is a world-first care assistive technology device that utilises non-invasive artificial intelligence to make independence achievable and comfortable – without the need to use wearables, pendants or smartwatches.

Through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, the device can determine what is and is not normal in an individual’s environment – all without recording, storing or sharing any images and videos.

When HomeGuardian notices a critical incident, such as a fall, it automatically sends an alert to up to three nominated emergency contacts within 2s of the incident detection. There’s no need to press a button, make a phone call, or activate an alarm via voice commands.

HomeGuardian.AI is a registered NDIS provider, while our devices meet strict Aged Care Quality and Safety Standards.

For more information, give our friendly Care team a call on 1300 248 324.

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