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Australia’s innovative Assistive Technology for fall detection

Over 30% of those who fall are on the ground for over an hour until help arrives.

Proactive incident response is the key to client safety and peace of mind - particularly in the Care sector. That’s where HomeGuardian’s life-saving automatic fall detection technology comes in.

With HomeGuardian, your clients can rest easy knowing that HomeGuardian will kick in when they need it most. If they have a fall, HomeGuardian will make the call.

Trusted by Leading Care Providers in Australia

HomeGuardian helps participants maintain independence with its innovative assistive technology.

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Get your clients Care that matters with HomeGuardian

HomeGuardian automatically escalates alerts within 2 seconds of fall detection, without the need to press a button, wear a smartwatch, or remember a pendant.

Whether your clients live independently at home or in a Care environment, HomeGuardian ensures unseen falls are not unactioned.

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